Recent Davmail Posts from Tech Monger :///feeds/davmail/ 2018-01-06T15:46:37.327725Z Werkzeug Access Exchange Emails without Outlook 2018-01-06T15:46:37.327725Z 2017-12-08T18:38:24.657673Z Tech Monger <p class="lead">In previous posts we have installed davmail on both <a href="/7/davmail-linux/" title="DavMail Installation on Linux">Linux</a> and <a href="/8/davmail-windows" title="DavMail Installation on Microsoft Windows">Windows</a>; In this article we will configure DavMail with MS Exchange server and access emails on Thunderbird. This setup will eliminate need of MS Outlook; If you are not sure about this setup then read <a href="/6/exchange-davmail/" title="What is DavMail">why we need DavMail</a>. If you have already installed it then you would see following configuration interface from DavMail. </p> Access Exchange Emails on Windows with Davmail 2017-12-23T20:21:43.662770Z 2017-12-08T18:36:54.921927Z Tech Monger <p class="lead"> Before we begin with setup I assume that you have downloaded latest version of davmail for windows and <a href="/6/exchange-davmail/#download" title="Open source alternative to outlook exchange">understand working of davmail</a> to connect to the exchange server with <abbr title="Exchange Web Services"><code>EWS</code></abbr>. Davmail Setup on Linux 2018-01-06T15:46:12.647277Z 2017-12-05T16:23:54.803945Z Tech Monger <p class="lead"> Previously we discussed how davmail can be used to access exchange emails without webmail or outlook. In this post we will learn how we can install it on Linux. I assume that you have downloaded <a href="/6/exchange-davmail/#download" title="Download davmail">davmail for your platform</a> in last post. Now we will install DavMail Version 4.8 on Linux (Ubutnu, Debian and non debian ditros). However, you are free to install latest available version. Access exchange mails without outlook 2017-12-23T20:20:11.722312Z 2017-12-03T14:06:41.263279Z Tech Monger <p class="lead">Traditionally email servers have used protocols like <code>SMTP</code>, <code>IMAP</code> and <code>POP</code> for email sending and delivery. However Microsoft has integrated own protocol in exchange mail server which requires proprietary client like outlook or webmail to access emails and other services like calendar and contacts. In majority of corporate exchange setup important email ports remain inaccessible from outside VPN connection so you cannot connect directly to the exhange server with free mail client like Thunderbird unless you have some middleware between mail client and exchange server that is able to communicate using exchange web services. Fortunately there is <mark>Davmail</mark>. </p>