Recent Flask-Wtf Posts from Tech Monger :///feeds/flask-wtf/ 2018-11-11T09:18:28.423182Z Werkzeug Custom Validation Messages with WTForms 2018-11-11T09:18:28.423182Z 2018-11-11T07:56:08.911691Z Tech Monger <p class="lead"> While using WTF or Flask-WTF for the form validation you would often find yourself adding custom validation messages according to the requirement of your web application. You can always use WTF's <code>ValidationError</code> API however in this tutorial we will show you clever hack to add validation messages during page rendering. We will show <a href="#example">example code</a> with <a href="/tag/flask" title="Flask Tutorials">flask</a> but you can use this method with any other framework which is using WTF for form validation.