Recent Github Posts from Tech Monger :///feeds/github/ 2018-09-27T19:34:45.589487Z Werkzeug Github SSH Key Configuration for Login 2018-09-27T19:34:45.589487Z 2018-09-27T19:02:05.629369Z Tech Monger <p class="lead"> In previous post we discussed regarding an <a href="/57/git-saml-sso-login/" title="SAMS SSO : Password authentication is not available for Git operations.">issues with Github's SAML SSO Login</a> which stops developers from accessing github repositories using username and password from git command line client. Also even if authentication is working correctly, we always need to provide username and password during git operations which is not convenient while writing programmable scripts. In this tutorial we will setup SSH keys in github account and eliminate manual input of username and password completely. Personal Access Token for Github Login 2018-09-27T19:25:39.636689Z 2018-09-27T18:15:05.917922Z Tech Monger <p class="lead"> When you try to access github repository from remote client or from automated program it requires you to login github account. For most use cases login with username and password works. However as we <a href="/57/git-saml-sso-login/" title="Github SAML Authentication Failure">discussed earlier</a> if you are using private github setup by your organization on enterprise cloud then your may require alternative authentication method because <abbr title="Security Assertion Markup Language">SAML</abbr> <abbr title="Single Sign On">SSO</abbr> login wont allow authentication with sso username and password. Using an alternative authentication like access token or <a href="/59/github-ssh-keys/" title="Github Login with SSH Keys">ssh keys</a> would allow you to login github repository remotely. In this tutorial we will demonstrate github login with personal access token. Github SAML SSO Login Issues - Solutions 2018-09-27T19:23:32.590730Z 2018-09-27T17:43:45.896732Z Tech Monger <p class="lead"> If you are working for private Github business cloud setup by your organization then chances are authentication method will be <abbr title="Security Assertion Markup Language">SAML</abbr> based <abbr title="Single Sign On">SSO</abbr> Login. When you try to access github repository via git client by logging in using sso username and password you will face following issues with login. In this tutorial we will discuss issues faced during login and in <a href="#solution" title="Git SSO Login Mehods">next tutorials</a> we will overcome authentication issues by setting up an alternative authentication methods.