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Monitor Integration Service Uptime in Informatica

If you have informatica domain running then it is important to have an uptime monitoring mechanism for the services running under that domain. Integration service is one of the most utilized service for ETL. So it is important to configure an alert if integration service goes down. In this tutorial we will make use of PMCMD pingservice command to check status of an integration service with example.

Pmcmd PingService Command

PMCMD provides pingservice command which takes following inputs and provides current status of integration an service as an output.

Flag Use
-sv Name of the Integration Service.
-d Name of the Informatica Domain.
-t Number of seconds for which pingservice command should wait for response from integration service. (Optional)

Pmcmd PingService Example

$ pmcmd pingservice -sv MY_INT_SVC -d MY_INF_DOAMIN

Integration Service is alive.

Above command would try to connect to integration service MY_INT_SVC under the informatica domain MY_INF_DOAMIN and provide status in output.

Making Use of PingService inside Script

If you want to use pingservice command to send alert if service is down then you should check for exit code of the command like below.

  • 0 : Integration service is responding.
  • 1 : Integration service is not responding.

Example - When integration service is up

$ pmcmd pingservice -sv MY_INT_SVC -d MY_INF_DOAMIN
Integration Service is alive.

$ echo $?

Example - When integration service is down

$ pmcmd pingservice -sv MY_INT_SVC -d MY_INF_DOAMIN
Integration Service is alive.

$ echo $?

To send an alert email based on exit code of pmcmd pingservice command you can use mailing utility on linux such as mailx or mutt.

Connection Timeout

  • Note that in above examples we have not made use of -t flag for the connection timeout.

  • In this case pingservice command will use timeout value configured inside environment variable INFA_CLIENT_RESILIENCE_TIMEOUT.

  • If INFA_CLIENT_RESILIENCE_TIMEOUT is not configured then it will use default value of 180 Seconds.


There are following Limitations of this command.

  • PingService command has to be run on the same server on which informatica domain is running.
  • This command only checks status of an Integration Service. You cannot use pingservice command to check status of other services like repository service, node services and domain connectivity.

To overcome above limitation you should use infacmd ping command for the comprehensive monitoring.


In this tutorial we learned how to make use of pmcmd's pingservice command to monitor status of informatica integration service. If you want to monitor status of other informatica's services then you should use generic infacmd ping command.

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