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Privacy Policy

Last Modified : 2019-03-13

We collect very minimal information from site visitors but we belive sharing our privacy policy is important aspect of online publication.

We collect information about visitors via google web console when you access any page on this website via google search result. This information help us analyze performance of this site.

We have recently implemented Google Adsesne code to show contextual ads to our vistors and placed javascript code provided by google adsesne. This helps google finding relevant ads for you without compromising your visit experience. We request you to read privacy policy of adsense to understand more about this.

EU User Consent

If you are visting this site from the country under the jurisdiction of the european union then before using this site you must provide consent to collect data on below mentioned aspects.

  • Allow this website to use cookies or store information in your local storrage dircetly or via third party.
  • Allow above information to be used for showing personalize advertisenment directly or via third party.
  • By clicking accept button at the bottom of this site pop up you express your consent to above conditions.

If you have any questions or conerns about above policy then please contact us.