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How to Install Davmail on Linux

Previously we discussed how davmail can be used to access exchange emails without webmail or outlook. In this post we will learn how we can install it on Linux. I assume that you have downloaded davmail for your platform in last post. Now we will install DavMail Version 4.8 on Linux (Ubutnu, Debian and non debian ditros). However, you are free to install latest available version.

Note that Davmail is not presnt in official repository of any distribution hence we will need install it manually from package.

Ubuntu Installation

Double click on downloaded debian file davmail_4.8.0.3-2488-1_all.deb to begin installation. It will open installation in Ubuntu Software Center. Click on Install and wollah guess what davmail is installed on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Software Center Window for Davmail
Davmail on Ubuntu Software Center

Debian Installation

You can install same deb file davmail_4.8.0.3-2488-1_all.deb on Debian distros from command line using apt. If you have downloaded file then place it in download directory then use following command to auto complete installation.

cd Download
sudo apt install ./davmail_4.8.0.3-2488-1_all.deb

Linux Installation

If you are using non debian distributions like Fedora, Red Hat, openSUSE etc. then you can install DavMail from tarball. Place downloaded tarball file davmail-linux-x86_64-4.8.0-2479.tgz into download directory and use following commands.

Note that this method does not require root access and can be used with all linux distributions.

  1. Extract and unzip tarball.
  2. cd Download
    tar xvfz davmail-linux-x86_64-4.8.0-2479.tgz 
  3. It should create new directory davmail-linux-x86_64-4.8.0-2479 containing setup files inside it.
  4. ls davmail-linux-x86_64-4.8.0-2479/
    davmail.jar  lib
  5. Execute to launch
  6. sh

Davmail Configuration

Once installed it would open exchange configuration window.

Davmail configuration wizard in Ubuntu
Davmail Exchange Default Configuration

Davmail would also create configuration file and log file davmail.log inside home directory.

  • Log FIle
  • cd ~
    ls davmail.log
  • Configuration FIle
  • cd ~

In the future post we will configure davmail with exchange and use Thunderbird to access mails.

Davmail as a Server without GUI

If you are running linux server or don't have access to GUI then you can run davmail as standalone server. To configure davmail you would need to manually edit file.

To run davmail as standalone server perform same linux installation and use following command.

sh ~/ &

To run it in background run following command. It would send davmail output to nohup.out

nohup sh ~/ &

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