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Install Davmail on Windows 7 without Admin Access

Before we begin with setup I assume that you have downloaded latest version of davmail for windows and understand working of davmail to connect to the exchange server with EWS.

Installation on Windows

We will install Davmail version 4.8 on Windows 7. However you are free to install latest version of davmail. Installation steps will remain same for all other versions of windows.

Before we begin

  • Davmail is written in Java and requires JRE for installation. Windows should have latest version of Java installed but in case it's not installed then Davmail setup will install Java during installation . Bottom line is you don't need to install anything manually.
  • The good part of installation is you don't require admin rights to get davmail running on windows.

DavMail Installation

  1. Run downloaded davmail exe file. davmail-4.8.0-2479-setup.exe
  2. Select Language
  3. Davmail Setup : Select English Language
    Select Installation Language
  4. Click Next and Accept Agreement
  5. Davmail Installation Dialogbox : Next
    Click Next
    Davmail Installation Dialogbox : License Agreement
    Accept License Agreement
  6. Path For installation
  7. Davmail Installation Dialogbox : Installation folder path
    Provide Manual Installation Path

    If you don't have an admin access then please provide path accessible by you for read, write and execute.

  8. Installation Succeeded
  9. Davmail Installation Dialogbox : Completed
    Davmail Installed on Windows 7

DavMail Configuration GUI

Davmail Exchange Configuration Window: Default Configs
Davmail Windows 7 Exchange Default Configuration

Once installation completed you would see above window to configure DavMail with exchange mailbox. We will change this configuration to setup exchange account with Thunderbird in next post.

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